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Walmart SWOT Analysis and Competitive Advantages

Download Walmart SWOT Analysis and Competitive Advantages for $5.99:

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Key Issues/Discussion

  1. To what extent is Wal-Mart’s performance attributable to industry attractiveness (using Five Forces) and to what extent to competitive advantage (comparing Wal-Mart’s ROCE disaggregation to its competitor’s. Better ratios are competitive advantages).
  2. In which of Wal-Mart’s principal functions and activities (e.g. purchasing, distribution, marketing, IT, HR, etc.) do WM’s main competitive advantage lie. Identifying the firm’s core competencies.
  3. To what extent is WM’s competitive advantage sustainable. Why have other retailers had limited success in imitating WM’s strategy and duplicating its competitive advantage.
  4. Looking ahead, what measures does WM need to take to sustain its recent performance and defend against competitive and other threats.